NRPSN Council

The Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network (NRPSN) is a professional association for non-religious pastoral carers in the UK. Our purpose is to provide accreditation of skills, endorsement of beliefs, and continuing professional support to individuals practising or wishing to practise non-religious pastoral care.

The NRPSN aims to set and maintain standards for non-religious pastoral carers, grow the network of accredited providers, and establish high-quality pastoral support. Activities include screening, training, supervision, and peer support, as well as maintaining a register of members and a fair complaints process. The network fosters a supportive community through facilitating peer support groups and regular communication with members.

The NRPSN operates as an arms-length body of Humanists UK, although membership is open to individuals regardless of their affiliation with Humanists UK. Humanists UK provides support to the NRPSN through administration, professional support, and financial subsidy for training and membership. The NRPSN Council is responsible for overseeing the development and activities of the NRPSN. Composed of practitioners from different sectors, the Council ensures that the network maintains professional standards and provides high-quality non-religious pastoral care. The Council appoints a Chair, and an Honorary President is appointed to raise the profile of non-religious pastoral care.

The NRPSN maintains communication and accountability through regular meetings, progress reports, and consultations between the NRPSN Council, NRPSN Manager, and Director of Humanist Care. Operational decisions are made by staff, while the Council provides input based on practitioner experience.