Welcome to the website of the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network. We aim to achieve access for every non-religious person in institutional settings to emotional, moral, pastoral, and spiritual support from like-minded carers.

We believe that everyone needs compassion and empathy when going through particularly difficult times, irrespective of their beliefs. The provision of pastoral care in institutions is currently overwhelmingly religious but increasing numbers of service users are not religious. Our members are trained and accredited in non-religious pastoral support. Through them we are committed to making sure that non-religious people have access to support which reflects their worldview and is provided by like-minded people.

Our members provide the sort of care to the non-religious that might be provided to religious people by chaplains. Currently we have providers operating in healthcare and prisons and are looking to expand this offering to the armed forces, universities, residential homes, and other places in need of non-religious pastoral care.